Day of Interviews - Wedding Venue

What is a Day of Interviews?

The day of interviews is simple. It is incorporated within our all-inclusive packages we have created here at Bakery 1818.  The facts are simple, today's bride and groom lead very busy lives. They work full time jobs and has more responsibilities than they did decades ago.

Here, at Bakery 1818, we have vowed that the mediocre wedding will never take place under our roof. We will only ensure that the perfect day happens every time a bride and groom exchange their vows. We have decided we would interview over one hundred professionals in order to create the perfect wedding. We have found the best of the best within the industry, we have found caterers, photographers, DJ's, Videographers and florists we are proud to associate our name with.

When you book at Bakery 1818 you are not just booking your wedding venue, you are booking your peace of mind. You are also using the venue to meet all of the associated vendors. On this day you will meet  our most popular vendors in the following categories: DJ, caterer, florist, photographer, and of course baker!!

You will also get a great mental picture of the way your big day will go. We will run through all of your rentals, linens, colors, place settings, placement of tables, time frames, first dances and everything else that is associated in this magical day. 

We stress to every bride and groom, we are not wedding planners. We respect what wedding planners do on a constant basis and we have many to choose from. We are coordinators that are willing to work with you to do everything in our power to make sure your day is wonderful!!

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