Murder Mystery Dinners



Over the next year, a plethora of murders are going to take place, and...... We don't know who dunnit!!!

Dinner typically starts at 7:30 p.m.

Currently we do not have a dinner scheduled. We are going to get through the holidays and post the next dinner soon. Please check back with us monthly!

Your Murder Mystery Dinner Includes:

  • Murder Mystery Guide & solution kit
  • Gourmet Meal prepared by a professional chef:

            - Salad
            - An entrees or vegetarian meal 
            - Dessert
            - Sweet tea, unsweetened tea, water with lemons or lemonade
                    (If you have an allergies or intolerances you must notify us within 72 hours notice) 

  • Live suspects, clues, twists and turns and prizes for the best dressed, best actor/actress, wealthiest player and a super sleuth award will be given to all of the guests who solve the crime by guessing the correct killer.
  • North Carolina's original murder mystery experience performed by professional actors

How will the evening run?

You will receive information prior to the event, you will come in with a good background about the character you shall play. As you enter the mansion, the actors will, in character, mingle with you. 

After the first course is set, a 20-25 minute act will take place. At the end of the act, one of the actors is murdered. The next course is now served, as the actors prepare for Act 2. After the main course, Act 2 begins. This act is approximately 15-20 minutes. During questioning, your guests will form their own teams, trying to figure out "who dunnit". Your guests will get some time to figure out their solution, and the table with the most correct answer wins!  

How Is The Evening Formatted to run?

Prior to the party, you will receive a detailed character description (including costuming and acting tips) and background information on the night in question along with your invitation. You should arrive at the party in character and are given a set of objectives (to complete at the beginning of the party), a name tag (to identify yourselves) and money (to use for bribery, blackmail or any other creative purpose). The objectives are given to each of the characters and are designed to help you mingle with one another and to help divulge more information about possible motives for the murder that is about to occur. As the lights go off and someone falls down dead, a murder will be committed! At this time, you will receive another envelope with more objectives to complete and secrets to keep. Some envelopes will also contain evidence for the crime and one envelope will contain the secret that that guest is the murderer! (The murderer will find out that they are the murderer at this point.) These objectives will help you reveal more information about the murder in question, some evidence and possible motives each character may have.

While trying to maintain your innocence, each guest will be instructed to conduct their own investigation into the crime using their second set of objectives and the knowledge they have previously gained in order to guide them. One guest, the investigator at the party, will be in charge of officially collecting the evidence and presenting it to the group. (More instructions will be given to this character.)

After ample time has been given for the guests to conclude their own investigation (including reviewing the evidence that is presented by the investigator), you can vote on who you think the murderer is, the best dressed at the party, and the best actor/actress at the party.

Once all of the votes are collected, the investigator will have a "solution" to read explaining the murder. Awards will then be given to the guests for the best dressed, best actor/actress, wealthiest player and a super sleuth award will be given to all of the guests who solved the crime by guessing the correct killer.

Can you think of anything more fun?

We can.... Bring your favorite bottle of wine. Place it on your table and enjoy...

You will enjoy all of this at the affordable price of only $79.95 per person.

 Any Questions please call us at (336) 949-9462 or email us at

Themes include:


~Roaring 20's Speakeasy 

~The Caribbean 



~The Wild West 

~Medieval Times 

~Totally 80's High School Reunion 

~The Redneck Birthday Party 

~Beauty Pageant 

~The Wedding Murder  

~Crime and Punishment (1920's Gangsterland) 

~Death at the Doo-Wop (1957 Prom King and Queen) 

~Murder at the Masquerade Ball 

~Um.... Santa's Slain???